Igniting Power In Girls

A Summer workshop for Girls 

Join us this July!

Why spark?

  Girls, you are powerful - we want you to know it!   

In a world where mass culture and media too often send confusing messages to girls about how and who to be – Spark is an opportunity for you to connect with who you truly are, explore what you really think, and discern what you really want - on your own terms.    

Spark is a 5- day experience-based group course that utilizes 5Rhythms™ movement, mindfulness practices, group discussion, process writing and art as tools for discovery, expression and transformation. Spark is a time for girls to come together to ask questions, challenge norms, reflect, change and grow. It is a safe space for any girl to face obstacles and cultivate strengths with the help of a supportive community.    Spark is a rite-of-passage; a point-of-reference for you to move forward knowing what is true and potent within you. It is a light on the pathway ahead, and fuel for igniting your authentic power, purpose and passion.    

  Spark brings to light: 

  ~How valuable, strong and amazing you are. 

~ How important your unique gifts and passions are. 

 ~ How to trust yourself.

~ A sense of ease and confidence in your body, just as it is. 

 ~ Compassion, awareness and responsibility in relationships. 

~ Confidence to make and keep healthy boundaries.

 ~ Courage to step out of isolation and into community.

~ Generosity to support and empower others.


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Who we are

Sudhir Borowyj M.A. L.M.H.C  is a practicing mental health counselor who works in the field of trauma and addictions, and specializes in somatic and experiential techniques. With over twenty-five years of training in body-mind practices and meditation, she brings an embodied and compassionate approach to her work with women and girls. She is dedicated to helping girls find healthy relationships with their bodies, themselves, and their lives as they step into young womanhood.      

Chloe Goodwin M.S.W. is an accredited 5RhythmsTM teacher specializing in youth and group work. With nearly 20-years of practice in conscious movement modalities, she holds deep trust in the healing power of process-based dance and movement for any body. She has worked with kids and teens throughout her career as an educator and counselor demonstrating her dedication to supporting youth. She is most inspired to help girls find resource in themselves and each other through fun, embodied, creative, and collaborative experiences.